26 Feet

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The coloring of SH-T type LIBECCIO is a wine color waterline on a white hull

■Typical LIBECCIO of a 26ft class is a best seller of the orthodox cruising sailboat which can also run on an open sea.
■The design by Group Finot is excellent in the total balance of stability, operatively, functionality, and amenity and therefore there is no weariness.
■The tough hull which can sail through the sea anyplace in Japan, The calm cabin used teak material abundantly. The reasonable price is highly regarded.

The most popular of LIBECCIO type is the SH type (short hand with a furling jib) accomplishing a new evolution.

 9,300,000 yen (tax excluded)
Private Toilet on SH-T type

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■Old chart table space is newly arranged imprudently.
■The long-awaited single room toilet was constructed.
■The teak counter in which is installed a wash basin and Fawcett and gorgeously is installed in the space. It is the perfect specification which is equipped with convenient storage. ■Furthermore, an open port for lighting and ventilation
The specifications are great for a group with many female guests, or a family or youth group.


Powerful Stability

The theme that we must not forget is that the most important thing is that when we leave the port is to return there without trouble.
The design of Libeccio itself gives high hull stability and a heavy ballast allows resistance to over-healing giving high sailing performance and stability.


リベッチオ リベッチオ26


A Strong Hull

The hull is built by lamination "hand layup" of NJY without negligence and restraint. Of course、the inner side of hull of integral molding, is complete adhesion about a hull liner. The strong hull always bearing the worst marine condition in mind. (All NJY yachts are built on the same par manufacture technique as others)

A standard type deck layout


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INTERIOR(photograph is a SH-T type)

●Flexible interior design

Flexibility which unites the limited space with the application in an instant. It is also an important factor of this class. The living room, dining room, bedroom and navigation room are sufficiently balanced to the highest user-friendliness.

■In the woody main cabin which uses a larger salon table and plenty of teak with "relaxation space" which is difficult to believe for a 26 footer.

Moreover, port side berth is easily extendible to a double berth.

■The toilet room surrounded with the teak board. Neither the spaciousness of a main cabin nor atmosphere is spoiled.

■It is a SH type main cabin the toilet is installed in forecastle.

■A hanging locker on either side fortifies the chain plate part, and also has additional of reinforcement.
The sliding door which separates the main cabin does not take up space.  Of course, the bottom of a berth can be altogether used for storage.

■It is fixed to the thick bulk head of "one sheet" firmly, and chain plate hardware to the extent that it is too strong supports a mast and riggings firmly.

■A sink, an icebox, a moveable cooking stove, tableware and a food shelf.  It is easy to use the galley of required sufficient equipment compactly, and it is summarized.

The area around the engine tends to carry out the conditions of easy inspection.
The measure against sound does not blunder using the full-scale acoustic insulation containing a rubber sheet, either. Exchange of a battery is also.

■Ballast is being fixed to the thick ship's bottom (there is about 30mm) with firmly with stainless steel bolts of Ф16. Of course, the bolts are easy to check and safe.


●Option: The example of Yammer 2YM15 loading. (Click expand)
エンジン15馬力 ヤンマー2YM15
The power of a margin is exhibited , also opportunity of sailing.. With a rev counter.


LOA 8.00m
Beam 2.78m
Draft 1.50m
Displacement 1.85ton
Engine(DIESEL) YA-1GM-10B(9HP)
(2YM15 is also selectable)
SH type(with Jib furler)
Standard price(FOB)
SH-T type(with Jib furler)
featuring toilet room(FOB)

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